Liquido Active sell yoga based products to the Australian and international market.

  • Selling to both online customers as well as wholesalers and people in trade
  • Multi country – They wanted to sell in both Australia and the USA, with an eye to expansion elsewhere
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Social Media integration

The designs were provided and I delivered a Magento site that was integrated with their preferred payment providers, with shipping integration with both Australia Post and a USA 3rd party shipping provider.

Multiple Countries

Initially the country is chosen based on the customers IP address, this uses geocoding information to take a best guess at the clients country. For Liquido Active, we decided that customers based outside of the USA would automatically be taken to the Australian site.

If a customer wants to shop at a different country store, then we put a drop down box in the header allowing them to choose a different country.

In the backend, we set Magento up so that the USA and Australia would share the catalogue, but keep separate inventory and prices. This allowed them to keep the Australian and American operations reasonably separate, with either of them being able to add products to the catalogue. Customers were similarly kept separate so that the USA and Australia could keep their own customer lists.

WholeSaler Registration

We set up forms to allow trade partners to register accounts, these came in two flavours “Wholesalers” and “Teachers”. After a customer has registered their information, their account is put on hold until verification can be applied in the backend by an administrator.

Wholesalers and Teachers can both view the normal products, but once logged in can see prices specific to their customer type. Additionally, wholesalers had a condition that they must purchase a minimum amount of stock

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